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A well-developed research infrastructure is important for the development of research and innovations. At SLU, we categorize the infrastructure as follows:

  • Facilities
  • Data networks and biobanks
  • Instruments
  • Laboratories

Det finns 68 sidor som är taggade med Laboratories:
Archive of Measurement Uncertainties

Archive of Measurement Uncertainties

Below are the accredited analytical methods and their measurement uncertainties listed, since November 2017. For information about earlier analytical methods from 1960s and onwards, see each method .

Geochemical laboratory

Geochemical laboratory

The laboratory are analysing the chemical composition of inland waters. We are since 1992 accredited by SWEDAC for the analyses of about 40 different parameters, as well as for sampling. In total,

Suspended matter, SPM

Suspended matter, SPM

Closely related analytical methods that also estimate the amount of particles in the water are turbidity and the difference between absorbance on unfiltered and filtered water. Known issues in the

Wood Science & Technology Laboratory

Infrastructure for fundamental and applied research on wood and fiber (ultra)structure, propterties and advanced wood and fiber biomaterials. Research infrastructure of key importance includes

Tree transformation platform at Umeå Plant Science Centre (UPSC)

Platform for the generation of genetically modified trees through Agrobacterium-mediated transformation. Service platform for tissue culture and transformation of hybrid aspen, aspen and birch.

The Laboratory at Department of Animal Husbandry and Management (HUV)

We analyze mainly feed and milk, but also faeces, blood and other samples from animals in the trials. We have a constant workforce that can offer help with analysis to researchers and also involved

The Alnarp Landscape Laboratory

The Alnarp landscape laboartory includes about 20 hectars of woodland stands and edges, shelterbelts, roadside plantations, meadows, wetlands and waterbodies for experimental vegetation- and

Swedish Metabolomics Centre

Mass spectrometry based small molecule, lipid and metabolomics analysis. Swedish Metabolomics Centre (SMC) is a collaboration between the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Umeå

Soil physics laboratory

Laboratory for soil physical properties such as particle size distribution, water retention properties and saturated hydraulic conductivity. At this laboratory we prepare soil samples and determine

SLU Stable Isotope Laboratory

Provides analyses for stable isotopes of several light elements. SLU Stable Isotope Laboratory (SSIL), is located at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Umeå, northern Sweden, and

SLU Metabarcoding Laboratory UMBLA

We offer DNA extraction, barcode amplification, bioinformatic analysis, data and sample storage as well as tutorial introductions, teaching, and expert advice to researchers at SLU. The SLU

Proteomics Facility in Alnarp

We have considerable expertise in the proteomics field and can offer advice and support for proteomics experiments for scientists at SLU, especially in projects with plants, crops and animals. In a