Biological archive

Last changed: 03 April 2023
King Carl XVI Gustaf is talking to staff at SLU. Photo.

The biological archive at SLU Aqua´s Institute of Freshwater Research are constantly being replenished. Each year we collect tissue samples from fish, samples that are used to analyze age and growth, but we also use them in kinship analyzes and chemical analyzes. The tissues can help answer questions about fish stocks in lakes and streams and how they change over time.

The archive holds more than a million samples, the oldest of which date from the beginning of the 20th century. Each new individual sample is handled according to our routines for quality assurance. The samples are placed in a fireproof archive and can be used in various projects - both at the Department of Aquatic Resources and by external contractors.


Magnus Dahlberg, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Analyst
Department of Aquatic Resources, Institute of Freshwater Research, SLU, +46 10 478 42 22