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Feed Technology Laboratory

Welcome to the Feed Technology Laboratory (FTL) - Your Partner in Feed Innovation

Group photo outdoors of Rikard, Aleksandar and Vilma. Photo.

About us

The Feed Technology Laboratory (FTL) at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences is a small-scale laboratory dedicated to research, education, and product development. We specialise in feed technology and feed production, with our core focus on extrusion technology, as well as the preparation of experimental feed blends for fish and companion animals. We are committed to enabling research and development in the feed industry by offering high-quality test feeds and customised solutions tailored to your unique needs.


Our Expertise

We understand the importance of providing high-quality feed products. Our team of experts collaborates to create customised feed formulations carefully tailored to meet your specific goals and requirements. We take pride in our expertise and commitment to quality and innovation in the feed industry.


Why Choose Us?

·       Customization: We understand that every project is unique. Our team is here to adapt our solutions to your specific needs and goals.
·       Experience: With years of experience in the feed industry, we are your reliable partner to take your research and product development to the next level.
·       Quality: We prioritise quality in everything we do. Our feed is carefully formulated and quality-controlled to meet the highest standards.


Contact us! 

Whether you are a company or university developing the product or exploring innovations in pet food and aquaculture, we are here to support you.

Contact us today to initiate a collaboration and elevate your feed research to new heights. We look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your goals in the feed industry.

Published: 03 April 2024 - Page editor: marie.liljeholm@slu.se

Contact us!

SLU Feed Technology Laboratory


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