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Swedish Biodiversity Centre (CBM)

The Swedish Biodiversity Centre (CBM) is Sweden's national centre for promoting sustainable use of biodiversity. CBM is a joint venture between Uppsala University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences SLU, and is located on Ultuna campus south of Uppsala centre.

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An interdisciplinary approach to multifunctional landscapes

Our landscapes serve numerous vital purposes, including providing food and clean water, supporting biodiversity, producing timber, and offering spaces for recreation. As the demand for these

Tydlig koppling mellan klimat och markens vattengenomsläpplighet – eller?

A new meta-analysis of 466 studies shows that climate is linked to soil water permeability, challenging the dominant explanation. At the same time, the researchers suspect that there is another

Collaboration at CBM

CBM was originally established with a community-based research mission and this mission is still highly relevant. Collaboration is essential for dealing with the complex interactions between people

Sustainable organic food from heritage cereal – using history to form the future

Introducing historical heritage cereals on a larger scale has the potential to contribute to several of the UN sustainable development goals, improve public health, as well as increase profitability

Bee engaged

Bees and other pollinators, such as butterflies, bats and hummingbirds, are part of the biodiversity on which we all depend for our survival. They are increasingly under threat from human activities

Meat: the Four Futures

Are our choices in the grocery store based on facts, values, habits, or simply a gut feeling of what feels right? TABLE, a platform run by three European universities, is now launching a podcast that

Lecture in Uppsala: What lives in the canopy of an oak tree?

bib-webbredaktionen@slu.se Bengt Ehnström and Martin Holmer present their new book about oaks. Photo: Håkan Tunón. For more information, check the Swedish version of this page.         SLU

The ‘High Seas Treaty’ – a historic agreement to safeguard marine biodiversity in international waters

After a 17 year long process and weeks of intense negotiations, the United Nations (UN) has agreed on a global legal framework to protect the world's largest ecosystem, the deep seas. The framework

Millets 2023

The United Nations has dedicated 2023 the International year of millets, to boost efforts in producing millets given their nutritional properties and resilience in adapting to climate change. SLU

SLU Future Forests arranges an excursion

SLU Future Forests arranges an excursion in Uppsala viktor.karlsson@slu.se Welcome to a day where we will present new research results with practical forestry in an urban context. Participants at

New global framework for biodiversity adopted

On December 19 2022, new goals were adopted to save biodiversity in the world through the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework, after many years of preparation and intensive negotiations.

"For some goals, we took a few steps forward, but for others it quickly went in the wrong direction."

The CBM director Torbjörn Ebenhard wrote directly from the UN Conference on biological diversity, COP-15, in Montreal. Torbjörn Ebenhard, director of SLU's Center for Biological Diversity, was