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Application and admission

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International representatives

SLU has formal agreements with the following education consultants that have been appointed to act as representatives of SLU in the country of their office location. It is of course possible to make

Postdoktor i modellering av skogsskötsel och skogsbränder

SLU is one of the world’s highest ranked universities in several subject areas and is ranked #1 in forestry (CWUR). At our centre we carry out research, teaching and dissemination of scientific

Master's thesis

You can write your master’s thesis at the Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre in the subject of forest science or biology. The following list outlines some of the fields in which you can do your

Application and admission

On this web page you will find links and more information about how to apply for studies and how to reply to your notification of selection results. The application period for international students

Chat with our students

All SLU buddies are current students at one of our Master's programmes and at their personal contact card you will find information about them such as where they come from, spoken languages, their

How to apply

Sweden has a unique application system that is coordinated between all universities. You can apply for programmes and courses at different universities on the same application. There are several

Undergraduate courses

Our department offers a number of courses at bachelor- and master´s level. We also participate in courses given by other departments at the University. Below you can find a compilation of the courses

Sustainable forestry in southern Sweden

This master’s course focuses on forest management and forest ecology in managed stands. During the nine weeks of the course we will investigate and discuss how sustainable development are/can be

Independent course: "Biogas in a sustainable society"

The pace of change to combat climate change must be quick and sustainable. Biogas is one of the solutions that has a significant role in our future and fossil-free society. This distance course will

Sustainable forestry in southern Sweden

This master’s course focuses on forest management and forest ecology in managed stands. During this nine-week course, we investigate how sustainable development is, or can be, implemented in today’s


Water is essential for all life, economic development, well-functioning ecosystems and human well-being, and is crucial for achieving all the sustainable development goals of Agenda 2030 Knowledge

Annons Doktorand inom skogspolitik

Applicate for a Phd position in forest policy at Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre. The Swedish forest policy will be the focal subject of this project. The study adopts a sociological view of