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Here is a list of web pages, including news and events, that are related to research at SLU.

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Seed money call for interdisciplinary research

To strengthen interdisciplinary research, SLU Future Forests is launching a seed money call in subjects related to forest sciences and sustainable forestry development. Call deadline is 15 September.


The goal of halting deforestation is becoming increasingly important in climate change negotiations, and forest plantations are becoming important tools for this. However, past research shows that

Living Country-side

The aim of the project was to develop new knowledge on the interaction between various forms of entrepreneurship and the surrounding country-side that influences the entrepreneurship developing there


The Kamprad Family Foundation for Entrepreneurship, Research & Charity granted funding for a project on recycling engineering lead by Håkan Jönsson and Prithvi Simha together with Dyllon Randall.

The cultural reserve

The cultural reserve is managed by the County Administrative Board in Uppsala County in collaboration with the Division of Agrarian History at SLU, responsible for everything from practical

Linnaeus’ Hammarby cultural reserve

Linnaeus’ Hammarby cultural reserve is a collaborative project between SLU and the County Administrative Board in Uppsala County. The Division of Agrarian History conducts research, education and

Trees in Africa

The project explores how Swedish consumers and actors perceive carbon compensation-motivated tree planting projects in African localities, and how imagined local social impacts relate to the

Balancing act

This research project developed both theoretically oriented and practically applicable knowledge about innovative deliberative planning processes for addressing urgent sustainability challenges. The

Calls for funding

Open calls for funding from the Future Platforms.

Food security

The project studies how different models of agricultural production in Ukraine – large-scale industrialized and small-scale household agriculture – respond to the challenges of war and the role of

Diss Jakob Starlander

Tar and Timber: Governing forest commons in seventeenth century Northern Finland charlotta.eriksson@slu.se Jakob Starlander defends his thesis "Tar and Timber: Governing forest commons in


This project seeks to identify the pathways through which a greater engagement of marginal groups can help to revitalize collective natural resource management. Such bottom-up processes of change