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Predator sound playbacks reduce crop damage on agricultural fields

A new study by SLU shows that predator sound playbacks can keep ungulates off crop fields and thus decrease damage on important crops. In collaboration with researchers of Western University, Canada,

How do forestry activities affect the greenhouse gas emissions from drained peat soils?

How do forestry activities affect the greenhouse gas emissions from drained peat soils? klas.pernebratt@slu.se This event is presented by Cheuk Hei Marcus Tong, Dept of forest ecology and

Faba bean for future food and feed

The project in brief Both Sweden and all of Europe currently depend on imported soybeans to meet the needs for vegetable protein, which is largely used for animal feed. Our goal is to fulfil Sweden’s

What are the elements for a successful FORMAS grant?

What are the elements for a successful FORMAS grant? klas.pernebratt@slu.se This event is presented by Michelle Cleary, Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre, Alnarp. "What are the elements for a

SLU Plant Protection Network

We promote and stimulate collaboration between researchers at SLU's different campuses, faculties and departments with the aim to strengthen SLU's profile in plant protection towards the outside

Plant protection at SLU

The SLU Plant Protection Network consists of over 200 researchers within plant protection and plant health at SLU. You are very welcome to contact us if you have a question about plant protection! Do

Migrant relations

The project analyses how migration is changing rural Sweden and through that, the preconditions for sustainability and social justice. Focusing on social-environmental relations, the project


Assessing the meaning of the long term in strategic and environmental research. The future has become a key concept in the social sciences in the wake of global challenges related to climate change

Drylands Transform

Drylands Transform 2020-2024 Project introduction Transformation towards the sustainable development goals Drylands cover 40 % of the global land area, host 2 billion people, and support

SLU Future Forests

Future Forests is a platform for interdisciplinary forest research and research communication. The platform is a collaboration between SLU, Umeå University and Skogforsk. We are one of SLU's four

Feeding reindeer for future free-range functionality – REINFEED

Short- and long-term effects of winter-feeding on future ability to utilize natural pastures Extensive herding systems, like reindeer husbandry, make use of animals' natural adaptation to the