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Aesthetic resilience

Projektledare Vera Vicenzotti , docent, universitetslektor, avdelningen för landskapsarkitektur, SLU, +4618671928 Läs mer om Vera Vicenzotti på hennes CV-sida Skicka e-post till: vera.vicenzotti@

Commodity frontiers

How do specific commodity frontiers reshape smallholder secondary forestry and with what effects? How do different social actors understand what secondary forest areas should be used for? The project

AH seminars

Agricultural Revoultion Demographic Change or Medical Modernization? The disappearance of Malaria from Denmark anni.hoffren@slu.se Malaria was a very common disease in Northern Europe until it

Scandinavian Society of Forest Economics 2022

The Scandinavian Society of Forest Economics (SSFE) biennial meeting in 2022 will take place November 29 - December 2, 2022 in the city of Umeå in the Swedish county of Västerbotten. Umeå was founded

Diss Marius Tuyishime

Phosphorus chemistry in managed forest soils-Effects of weathering and wood ash fertilization charlotta.eriksson@slu.se Marius Tuyishime defends his thesis "Phosphorus chemistry in managed forest

Accelerated and cost-efficient development of apple varieties

The project in brief The vision is apple breeding which yields new varieties more quickly and enables a forceful expansion of Swedish IP and organic farming. The goal is to achieve increased

Plant breeding in horticultural field crop production

The project in brief The project is expected to identify crops with a large potential for product development and commercialisation, as well as to show the potential in Nordic collaboration on

Breeding of starchy potatoes – improved quality for a more sustainable use of resources

The project in brief The overall goal of the project is to facilitate a more sustainable use of Swedish starchy potatoes. The goal is to be achieved through detailed variety analyses and development

Genomic selection in red clover

The project in brief Within the Swedish agricultural sector, there are more than 2.1 million ruminants, and the production is one of the highest ranked in the world in terms of animal welfare.

Climate-resistant wheat: breeding of robust and high-quality wheat for an increased food supply

The project in brief The project will develop new wheat varieties with increased ability to give a good yield and deliver good bread-making properties in a changing climate, in order to increase the

HeRo - Healthy Roots: Development of tools for the selection of robust cultivars in Swedish plant breeding, with focus on the root system

The project in brief Crop root systems are central for the uptake of plant nutrients, disease resistance and resistance to extreme weather. Healthy root systems therefore contribute to a reduced risk

New and effective methods to breed timothy grass

The project in brief Timothy grass (Phleum pratense L.) is Sweden’s most common forage grass, and it is therefore highly important in the production of high-quality feed for both cattle and pets. The