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Collaboration with the surrounding society plays an important part at SLU. Example given, we have certain external collaboration specialist and an inovation company, SLU Holding. Here is a list of web pagesthat are related to SLU´s many collaboration projects.

There are 240 pages tagged with Collaboration:

Scandinavian Society of Forest Economics 2022

The Scandinavian Society of Forest Economics (SSFE) biennial meeting in 2022 will take place November 29 - December 2, 2022 in the city of Umeå in the Swedish county of Västerbotten. Umeå was founded

Sensola user policy

Researchers and students at SLU can be granted access to equipment in Sensola, to use in research projects and student work. A prerequisite is that the intended usage is research oriented and that

Contact Sensola

Contact us at: sensola@slu.se Or: Caroline Hägerhäll, project manager phone: 004640415015 e-mail: caroline.hagerhall@slu.se Gunnar Cerwén, researcher phone: 00467371 82 797 e-mail: gunnar.cerwen@

Environmental psychology

Research and education within the group for environmental psychology at the Department of People and Society concentrate on studies of outdoor environments in relation to well-being, quality of life

Facilities and equipment

Sensola consists of a traditional laboratory in a controlled indoor environment, which supports an innovative set of portable equipment that is used for outdoor studies. The research is oriented

About Sensola

How do we best understand the role of various outdoor environments in everyday life? Humans interact with urban and natural environments in ways that are dynamic, complex and multisensory. New

Department of Forest Economics

Natural resources in general and especially forests are central to the research, education and cooperation being conducted within the areas of natural resource economics, forest economics, forest

Recorded talks

Some of our researcher and guests popular science talks have been recorded and can be seen below. A large part of the lectures are produced within the Forest Faculty's lecture series "Worth Knowing".

Tree based value chains in Africa

The project analyze tree based value chains in Sub Saharan Africa for sustainable development and improved livelihoods.


Spring has sprung! Skogforsk’s annual pollen harvest has started, and I managed to go and spend a day learning about it. Mateusz Liziniewicz has some helping hands for this extra work, who were


Below you find a list of publications from the Department, listed in SLU's publication database SLUpub. Scroll to view the full list.

What about climate change adaptation in practice?

Adapting to climate change means avoiding harm and/or seizing opportunity from climate change. A study conducted in 2016 among forest professionals in Sweden revealed that one in three forest