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Guide to SLU Partnership Alnarp project application

More information on how to apply for R&D projects with SLU Partnership Alnarp. What to include with your application Applicants should contact their head of department or head of subject to ensure

Proposal degree projects

Is your organization a member of SLU Partnership Alnarp and do you have challenges / issues that you would like SLU's students to investigate in a degree project?

Webinar & workshop: Integrated fish and plant production

Webinar & workshop: Integrated fish and plant production aquaculture@slu.se There is a growing interest in combining fish and plant production, either direct in aquaponics systems or by utilizing

Resistance breeding for healthy crops

Resistance breeding for healthy crops marianne.persson@slu.se Diseases on crops cause economic losses due to reduced yields and quality. Pesticides (if existing) to control pathogens impose

New podcast: Human-land

Human-land is a podcast supported by the Department of People and Society at SLU Alnarp, and produced by the SLU environmental psychology alumni network. We explore topics related to outdoor

Application support SLU Partnerskap Alnarp

SLU Partnership Alnarp announces this spring's project funding for collaborative research projects in the subject areas of agriculture, forestry and horticulture industries. This year you, as a

Degree Projects

SLU Partnership Alnarp supports degree projects carried out by students whose work involves collaboration with our members and who have a supervisor and examiner at SLU in Alnarp. Degree projects in

Välkommen till höstens docentföreläsningar vid LTV-fakulteten

Welcome to the associate professor lectures at the LTV Faculty 2020 mw-red@slu.se The 6th of October, associate professor lectures will be held at the Faculty of Landscape Architecture,

Plantlink online seminar

Online seminar: Healthier plants with the help of Biologicals? anette.neldestam@slu.se There is a growing demand to reduce many of the chemicals used in agriculture to make production of food and


Carl-Otto Swartz Director of Operations E-mail: carl.otto.swartz@slu.se Phone: +46 72 503 78 04 Jeanette Donner Administration E-mail: jeanette.donner@slu.se Phone: +46 73 076 29 56 Camilla Zakrisson

More about SLU Partnership Alnarp

SLU Partnership Alnarp is a collaboration between SLU Alnarp and the business community, government agencies and trade associations in agriculture, forestry and horticulture fields. The aim is to

Alnarpskonferensen 2020

The United Nations' latest climate report Climate change and land, the IPCC report, focused on land use in the world. The Alnarp Conference 2020 was therefore about how research leads to politics,