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SLU Plant Protection Network

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Plant protection photos

More information is available on the Swedish page.

Plant protection material

Here you can find material that presents SLU's plant protection research and other useful material. Movie on plant protection During autumn 2021, a movie on SLU's plant protection research was


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Paul Kardol – new Professor in forest microbiology

Paul Kardol researches plant-soil interactions and ecosystem processes. The last ten years he has been investigating the subarctic tundra in northern Sweden and focused on questions related to global

SLU Forest Damage Centre Research School - Second Call for applications for support to PhD positions – extension of deadline for applications with external financial model

The SLU Forest Damage Centre Research School had a second call for applications which closed on the 15th of January 2023. It is now being prolonged for the external financial model, i.e. for doctoral

Open meeting 19-20 January

Welcome to the Open Meeting of the SLU Forest Damage Centre on 19-20 January at the Aronsborg conference centre in Bålsta. The meeting is open to anyone interested in the field of forest damage who

SLU Plant Protection Network

We promote and stimulate collaboration between researchers at SLU's different campuses, faculties and departments with the aim to strengthen SLU's profile in plant protection towards the outside

Soil fungi and bacteria stabilize vegetation in the subartic

Global warming is changing subarctic and arctic ecosystems with profound consequences for life in the north. Interactions between plants and soil microbial communities are key for the stability of

Aureobasidium – an upcoming agricultural hero

Aureobasidium are black, yeast-like fungi. These microorganisms can provide ecological and safe strategies that might be adopted in agricultural production systems and food processing. In a new

About us

The SLU Plant Protection Network is there to promote and stimulate collaboration between staff at SLU's different campuses, faculties and departments, and to strengthen SLU's profile in plant

Ecosystem services in agriculture

The Bommarco lab empirically and theoretically explores ecosystem functions in insect-plant-soil food webs in agricultural ecosystems. We apply this to crop production, pest control and pollination.

SLU alumnus receives 2022 Japan Award for global research

SLU alumnus Leonardo Crespo-Herrera receives 2022 Japan Award for global research to combat wheat aphids. International science to save wheat — a crucial food grain for 2.5 billion of the world’s