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Plant protection at SLU

Plant protection at SLU

Here you can find information on plant protection at SLU (mostly in Swedish): Plant protection focus groups Ask a researcher SLU Risk assessment of plant pests Centre for Biological Control, CBC

IYPH 2020 - events under 2021

IYPH 2020 - events under 2021

SLU will participate in several national and international events to promote the International Year of Plant Health 2020. Come, participate and learn about plant protection research at SLU! 2021

CBC kick off in Alnarp

The Center for Biological Control, CBC, met in Alnarp 4–5 October. The center has a new operations group this fall, and the meeting therefore started with seminars on biological control research.


Several species of the fungus Clonostachys have been shown to have the potential to be used as biological control agents in a new study from SLU. Eleven fungal genomes have been sequenced and

Can natural enemies provide biological control of aphids in a changing climate?

Asmita Baral has just started doing her master thesis work at SLU. She wants to find out if a diversity of natural enemies can provide stable biological control of aphids when the climate changes. We

Flower strips can give ecosystem services to strawberry cultivations

Neus Rodriguez-Gasol and Elodie Chapurlat will measure what ecosystem services flower strips can provide to strawberry fields. They have recently started their two-year post doc positions at SLU. We

SLU’s strawberry app 1.0 – few reports but a lot of attention

This summer, gardeners throughout Sweden could report which organisms lived on their strawberries, such as insects, birds and diseases. The SLU team behind the strawberry app had hoped for more

CBC innovation prize

"Small, smart and on nature's own terms" said the jury about the winning contribution which was about using nature's own small drones for pollination and for supplying beneficial microorganisms.

Johan Stenberg is CBC’s new Director

Since the first of July 2020, the SLU Centre for Biological Control, CBC, has a new Director. Johan Stenberg, Professor at the Department of Plant Protection Biology takes over after Mattias Jonsson.

New pest management approaches can benefit pollinators

The demand for pollinator-dependent crops is increasing. At the same time agriculture is challenged with increasing restrictions on pesticides. Integrated pest management has been suggested as a way

Flower strips, but not hedgerows, increase ecosystem services

Planting flower strips and hedgerows close to crop fields is meant to increase biodiversity and ecosystem services such as pest control and pollination. In a global synthesis an international

SLU Grogrund - Nätverket

SLU Grogrund - Nätverket

SLU Grogrund - The network SLU Grogrund - The network gathers via Zoom for a seminar with project presentation and discussions on topics relevant to Swedish plant breeding. The