Jan Pettersson’s donation - travel stipends for PhD students

Last changed: 22 January 2024

In honor of Professor Emeritus Jan Pettersson, who passed away in August 2017, a scholarship fund has been established. The travel stipends are intended for PhD students at SLU with projects related to insects. Apply no later than 28 February 2024.

Jan Pettersson was a pioneer in ethological studies of insects. The major part of his research was about aphids; the aphids’ taxonomy, their natural enemies and, in particular, the aphids’ chemical interactions with each other and with their host plants. Primarily, the studies concerned how volatiles affect the aphids and how such knowledge can be applied for pest control, as several aphid species are serious pests of crops. Jan Pettersson has developed many new methods and ideas and he gladly shared these with his colleagues and students.

Travel stipend

A travel stipend fund has now been established in memory of Jan Pettersson. The stipends are intended for PhD students at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, with research projects that include insect studies.

In the first place, the scholarships are awarded to allow for an international study trip, but also travel to attend an international conference or course may get support. Grants are not given for salary. The maximum amount that can be applied for is 10 000 SEK.

How to apply

The application shall contain a brief description of your research project, the purpose of the trip, the location and the local contact person for the study trip (alternatively the title of the conference or course), a cost estimate and your contact details.

Use the application form

Send your application by e-mail to velemir.ninkovic@slu and inger.ahman@slu.se Closing date for applications is 28 February, 2024


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