Recommended watching

Last changed: 07 October 2021

Here you find recordings of some of our seminars

Ulf Uddman "The dog sector and its development in Sweden - challenges and risks" (Swedish), Future Perspectives 7 maj 2014

Carin Holmberg and Carin Götblad "The link between domestic violence and violence against animals" (Swedish), Future Perspectives 27 November 2013

Per Jensen, "Dogs teach us the relationship between genes, stress and behavior" (Swedish), Future Perspectives 22 May 2013

Kyra Kyrklund and Jan Jönsson "Horsemanship Past, Present, Future - Animal Health and Welfare" (Swedish), Future Perspectives 12 December 2012

"Dogs and cats: Veterinary care in an international perspective" part 1 and part 2, Lifestyle seminar 26 September 2012

Marit Paulsen, "Animals - our responsibility. Morality or Science?" (Swedish), Future Perspectives 27 February 2012

Future Animal Health and Welfare in Focus (Swedish), Seminar October 24 2011


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