About the Gene Bank

Last changed: 02 January 2024

In June 2016, the Swedish National Gene Bank for Vegetatively Propagated Horticultural Crops was opened.

The gene bank contains a unique collection of older horticultural crops from all over the country. It is the result of inventories carried out over several years under the Programme for Diversity of Cultivated Plants (Pom). Between 2002 and 2011, Pom issued an appeal to the public for older fruit, berries as well as kitchen and ornamental plants from the public. After collection and test cultivation, the most interesting specimens were selected to be preserved in the gene bank together with information about their cultivation and cultural history.

The duty of the gene bank is to preserve, document, distribute and research the plants. It is located on SLU's Alnarp campus and acts as a field gene bank; the material is preserved as living plants. In addition to the premises in Alnarp, the gene bank also consists of protected berry cultivations and local clone archives around the country. The gene bank is state-funded.