New dissertation within One Health: We congratulate Eliyan Chea!

Last changed: 19 January 2024
A headshot of an Asian young woman with dark shoulder-length straight hair. Photo.

Eliyan Chea successfully defended her thesis in late December 2023. We took the opportunity to ask her some questions about her research and future plans.

What is your research about (the “big idea”) and how does it relate to One Health?

My research was aimed at supporting faecal sludge management planning at a city-wide scale in low- and middle-income countries. This was done by analyzing the potential for resource recovery from the faecal sludge generated by waterborne system.  

What problem does your research help to solve in the short and long term?

The findings obtained provide comprehensive baseline information on faecal sludge qualities and quantities and would guide sector stakeholders in implementing proper faecal sludge management in Phnom Penh and other cities with comparable sanitation contexts.

How can your research contribute to a more sustainable world / what impact at the societal level can the results contribute to?

The three alternatives for sustainable faecal management proposed in this research can help sector stakeholders tackle the current challenges in faecal sludge management. Therefore, accelerating the progression toward safely managed sanitation services in Phnom Penh.  

After your PhD, what are your plans for the near future?

I will now resume work at a university in Cambodia where I will continue my research questions in the sanitation sector in Cambodia.

We wish Eliyan the best of luck in her future career!