Nordic network for Communicating Animal Welfare (NordCAW)

Last changed: 04 February 2021

The purpose of NordCAW is to facilitate communication regarding animal welfare between science, authorities, primary producers and a wider public in the Nordic countries.

NordCAW was started by the Animal Welfare Centers in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Since then it has expanded to include also other Nordic countries such as Iceland, Faroe Islands and the Baltic states Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Its mission is to communicate Nordic Animal Welfare within the Nordic and European hemisphere.

Picture from NordCAW Seminar/Workshop 24 November 2015. Photo: Lotta Berg

NordCAW seminar 2019

Animal welfare for wild animals

NordCAW hosted a conference that combined two topics seldom linked together: animal welfare on individual level and wildlife on population and species level.

Program for the seminar.

Recording from the conference.

Read a blog about the wild animal welfare seminar.

NordCAW Seminar 2018

Challenges and actions taken to improve fish welfare in Nordic aquaculture

NordCAW hosted a seminar on Fish farming and Animal Welfare in Oslo 15 November 2018.  

Program, speakers and abstracts. 

Recording from the conference.

NordCAW Seminar 2017

Consumer-driven animal welfare and animal based welfare indicators

Danish Centre for Animal Welfare (DCAW) and NordCAW hosted a two day seminar on Animal Welfare in Copenhagen on October 3 and 4 2017.

The first day focused on how animal welfare is perceived by farmers and consumers as well as on how specific animal welfare schemes and initiatives may give added value and increased welfare to animals. The second say focused on application of animal-based welfare indicators in animal welfare assessment.

Recordings from the conference.

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NordCAW Seminar 2016

How European Union Reference Centres for Animal Welfare could be organized.

NordCAW hosted a seminar the 1th of December 2016 with the theme "How European Union Reference Centres for Animal Welfare could be organized".

NordCAW Seminar 2015

Communicating animal welfare

NordCAW hosted a seminar on different aspects on communication in animal welfare, 24 November 2015, in Uppsala.

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