NordCAW seminar 2023 on Horse Welfare in equestrian sport

Last changed: 09 April 2024
Horse eye

On the 29th of November 2023, NordCAW arranged a seminar about the welfare of horses in equestrian sports. The seminar was held in Uppsala, Sweden.

Equestrian sports engage many people, but face several challenges, both in terms of protecting the welfare of horses and in terms of maintaining its social licence to operate. This seminar highlighted those challenges; How the use of horses in equestrian sport and equine equipment poses a risk to the horses’ physical and mental well-being if not being well managed, but also the ethical considerations regarding equestrianism and if we are on the right track. We know a lot about horse welfare, but are we implementing what we know or how can we otherwise do better?

The seminar was financed by The Nordic Joint Committee for Agricultural and Food Research (

A report from the seminar can be found here.