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Åsa Lankinen

Researcher and associate professor in Plant Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Vicedean for doctoral education, LTV-faculty


I have a broad research interest in the borderline between plant ecology, evolutionary biology and genetics. I also focus on research related to plant protection biology and plant breeding.


BI1380: Urban Ecology for the Development of Sustainable Living. Course leader

BI1394: Grundläggande ekologi. Deputy course leader

BI1397: Basic and Applied Ecology. Deputy course leader

BI1296: Plant Biology for Breeding and Protection. Teacher

BI1273: Växtproduktion. Teacher

BI1267: Integrated Pest Management in Sustainable Procuction Systems. Teacher

LK0395: Urban Agriculture and Social Interaction. Leading one week on plant protection biology



Ongoing projects:

  • Plant immunity in the field in relation to microbial influence (Swedish Research Council, Carl Trygger Foundation 2019-2022)
  • Evolution-proofing plant protection for sustainable potato production: How can integrated pest management (IPM) reduce resistance development in pathogens? (FORMAS 2022-2024)
  • Can increased bumblebee diversity in the agricultural landscape promote seed yield in red clover important for nothern Sweden? (Regionalt jordbruksstöd för Norrland (RJN), Lantmännens forskningsstiftelse, Partnerskap Alnarp 2019-2022)
  • Plant Breeding for Increased Seed Production in Red Clover (SLU Grogrund, Partnerskap Alnarp, Lantmännens forskningsstiftelse 2021-2026)
  • Sexual conflict during pollen competition in Collinsia heterophylla


Building a North-South Network to Target Biodiversity and Pollination as a Path towards Sustainable Cocoa Agriculture in West Africa (Swedish Research Council/Swedish Research Links, network grant, 2021-2023)


MSc, Lund University. 1996

PhD, Lund University. 2000

Postdoc, IBLS, Glasgow University, UK. 2001

Postdoc, NTNU, Trondheim University, Norway. 2001-2003

Assistant Professor, Lund University. 2003-2009


Kajsa Svensson, PhD supervisor

Murilo Sandroni, PhD supervisor

Linnea Almqvist Stridh, PhD supervisor

Jenifer Seematti Sundar, deputy PhD supervisor

Esther Kuper, deputy PhD supervisor

Selected publications

  • Opedal, Ø.H., Armbrusterb, W.S, Hansen, T.F. Holstad, A. Pélabone, C., Andersson, S., Campbell, D.R., Caruso, C.M., Delph, L.F., Eckert, C.G., Lankinen, Å., Walter, G.M., Ågren, J., Bolstad, G.H. 2032. Evolvability and trait function predict phenotypic divergence of plant populations. PNAS 2023 120: e2203228120. doi: 10.1073/pnas.2203228120
  • Stridh, L.J., Mostafanezhad, H., Andersen, C.B., Odilbekov, F., Grenville-Briggs, L., Lankinen, Å., Liljeroth, E. 2022. Reduced efficacy of biocontrol agents and plant resistance inducers against potato early blight from greenhouse to field. Journal of Plant Diseases and Protection, doi: 10.1007/s41348-022-00633-4
  • Mostafanezhad, H., Edin, E., Grenville-Briggs, L.J., Lankinen, Å., Liljeroth, E. 2021. Rapid emergence of boscalid resistance in Swedish populations of Alternaria solani revealed by a combination of field and laboratory experiments. European Journal of Plant Pathology, doi: org/10.1007/s10658-021-02403-8
  • Hederström, V., Nyabuga, F., Anderbrant, O., Svensson, G.P., Rundlöf, M., Lankinen, Å., Larsson, M.C. 2021. Dispersal and spatiotemporal distribution of Protapion fulvipes in white clover fields: implications for pest management. Journal of Pest Science, doi: 10.1007/s10340-021-01408-w
  • Larsson, M.C., Madjidian, J.A., Lankinen, Å. 2021. Floral scent and pollinator visitation in relation to floral colour morph in the mixed‐mating annual herb Collinsia heterophylla. Nordic Journal of Botany 39: 4, doi: 10.1111/njb.03025
  • Hederström, V., Rundlöf, M., Birgersson, G., Larsson, M.C., Balkenius, A., Lankinen, Å. 2021. Do plant ploidy and pollinator tongue length interact to cause low seed yield in red clover? Ecosphere 12: e03416, doi: 10.1002/ecs2.3416
  • Madjidian, J.A., Smith, H.G., Andersson, S., Lankinen, Å. 2020. Direct and indirect selection on mate choice during pollen competition: effects of male and female sexual traits on offspring performance following two-donor crosses. Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 33: 1452-1467, doi: 10.1111/jeb.13684
  • Karlsson Green, K., Stenberg, J., Lankinen, Å. 2020. Making sense of integrated pest management (IPM) in the light of evolution. Evolutionary Applications, 13: 1791-1805, doi: 10.1111/eva.13067
  • Vetukuri, R.R.1, Masini, L.1, McDougal, R., Panda, P., de Zinger, L., Brus-Szkalej, M., Lankinen, Å.2, Grenville-Briggs, L.J.2 2020. The presence of Phytophthora infestans in the rhizosphere of a wild Solanum species may contribute to off-season survival and pathogenicity. Applied Soil Ecology 148: 103475, doi: 10.1016/j.apsoil.2019.103475 1 = equal contribution, 2 = equal contribution
  • Masini, L., Grenville Briggs, L.J., Andreasson, E., Råberg, L., Lankinen, Å. 2019. Tolerance and overcompensation to infection by Phytophthora infestans in the wild perennial climber Solanum dulcamara. Ecology and Evolution, doi: 10.1002/ece3.5057
  • Lankinen, Å., Abreha, K.B., Masini, L., Ali, A., Resjö, S., Andreasson, E. 2018. Plant immunity in natural populations and agricultural fields: low presence of pathogenesis-related proteins in Solanum leaves. PlosOne, doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0207253
  • Lankinen, Å., Lindström, S.A.M., D’Hertefeldt, T. 2018. Variable pollen viability and effects of pollen load size on components of seed set in cultivars and feral populations of oilseed rape. PlosOne,
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