Design project: Uncovering the Infra-Ordinary – Creating Landscapes for Commoning

Last changed: 08 August 2023
Uncovering the Infra-Ordinary

In this design studio, taught in the spring of 2023 for MSc students at Alnarp Campus, the students have developed artistic landscape architecture proposals, that aim to strengthen and support communities and commons.

Design Project - Site, Concept and Theory (LK0367)

The projects take point of departure in close observations of infra-ordinary everyday life, seeking to strategically initiate commons and/or develop existing commons, transforming our study area – Amiralsgatan in Malmö from Folkets Park to Rosengård – into an Amirals Commons.

We explore how landscape design can support commoning of places, asking questions such as: In what ways can close attention to the infra-ordinary spark ideas for public space and commons? How can landscape design support commoning of places? How to skilfully and creatively enhance the quality of public space, and make modifications of the urban fabric in support of commoning?

We experiment with artistic fieldwork methods, reading our sites closely, using all our senses, practicing being present on site. We develop conceptual ideas for our sites, and translate our ideas into creative design work, using a diverse set of materials. We attempt to design urban landscapes for open encounters and social heterogeneity, with projects oriented towards building public spheres, and commons, that we might need to handle societal challenges today and in the future.

Together we combine our strategies and corresponding landscape architecture proposals for Amirals Commons into this Ideas Book, articulating various aspects of commoning as means to create places for social interaction, biodiversity and a sense of collective being.

Book of Ideas for Creating Landscapes for Commoning 





Victoria Sjöstedt, Lecturer at the Department of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management

Phone: +46 40 415161