Countryside unfolds

Last changed: 29 January 2020

Anders Larsson

Corporation with: Daniel Uray, Arklab
Partners: Arklab, Hilbig Institute, Linnala (Latvia), SLU Alnarp, Lithuanian institute of Culture, City Planning Office of Valga (Estonia), Region Dalarna
Financier: Swedish Institute, Baltic Sea Cooperation
Time period: 2019-2020

Rural areas in the Baltic Sea Region are facing drastic and dramatic changes due to globalization and climate change. Architects and spatial planners are key actors in the every day process of social and spatial planning, yet there is an urgent need for adequate know-how to understand ongoing transitions in rural areas among architects and spatial planners. This project will create a pan-Baltic platform with a cross-disciplinary approach. It focus on knowledge production and best practices exchange in order to develop spatial planning strategies for rural sustainability and resilience in the Baltic Sea Region.