Assessing sustainability of sanitation options – Case study in Kumasi, Ghana

Last changed: 13 April 2021

The project aims at assessing the environmental sustainability of sanitation systems in a case study in a city in West Africa. A few scenarios for future sanitation development will be defined and described. The environmental performance if the proposed sanitations systems will be assessed from a life cycle perspective.

Investigated environmental effects will include water pollution, water use, and potential recycling of water and nutrients in agriculture. In collaboration with the CGIAR-institute IWMI in Ghana, this environmental sustainability assessment will be combined with assessments of other aspects of sustainability, such as health, economic and institutional aspects, in related projects. Together they will facilitate an integrated sustainability assessment of sanitation systems.

Project leader: Cecilia Sundberg

Period: 2008– 2009

Financing: Formas, Sida/SAREC