Milk round II - Integrated logistics for locally produced food

Last changed: 13 April 2021

Developed and improved logistics solutions are a prerequisite for local food to become more profitable forproducers and for the volumes to increase.The purpose of this project is to study the need for logistics support and to further develop customized logistics solutions for producers of locally produced food. The specific objectives of the project are to analyze the existing logistics solutions, to develop alternative concepts adapted to producer needs and to develop advice and guidelines for producers.

The project is implemented as case studies in cooperation with companies and is based on interviews, analysis using GIS and route optimization, and evaluation of transport economics and environmental impact.

The project is expected to generate new knowledge and solutions leading to industry commitment in continued development of the concept of small-scale and locally produced food with consumer confidence and improved ability to position Swedish products on the market.


Participants from the department: David Ljungberg and Ingrid Nordmark