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Practical research training

All the listed projects below are available at the Department of Plant Breeding (SLU Alnarp). You are welcome to contact the person(s) listed to each specific project to learn more and to discuss a possible time plan

Characterization of seed traits in faba bean

Faba bean is a protein crop that is used mostly for animal feed in Sweden today, but increased cultivation and use in food will probably be seen in the future. A diversity panel of over 200 genotypes of faba bean are being characterized from field trials at the field station at Lönnstorp, Alnarp in an SLU Grogrund project called ‘Future faba beans for food and feed’. Some of these genotypes were also cultivated outside Skara at Lanna field station 2022. In this project, the harvested pods from this latter field experiment will be threshed and the seed characterized for seed size, yield, and bean weevil damage. The results will be compared to the data from the Lönnstorp field trial.

Supervisor: Åsa Grimberg, asa.grimberg@slu.se

Characterization of leaf and pod morphology in a diverse collection of peas (Pisum sativum) and developing a field phenotyping method for measuring canopy temperature in pea

A genetically diverse collection of 300 types (accessions) of pea has been compiled within the SLUGrogrund project “Ärtan-garantin för framtidens gröna protein” and is currently under characterization for agronomic performance and seed quality. The collection is used for addressing several important research questions related to developing improved pea varieties adapted to a future climate. During the summer of 2023, the collection will be under field evaluation at two locations in Sweden, in Alnarp and Skara.

This project will run during the summer of 2023 and will engage two students who will collaborate in developing a phenotyping protocol for measuring canopy temperature as a mean to identify drought tolerant and drought susceptible pea types. In addition, each student will have a separate objective to characterize the collection for leaf- and pod morphology respectively. Moreover, the students in this project will gain experience in all aspects of field trials, such as organizing the field, phenotyping important traits and harvest. The projects will require travelling to Skara (paid by the project) on one-two occasions.

Supervisor: Cecilia Hammenhag, cecilia.hammenhag@slu.se

Published: 05 October 2023 - Page editor: bjorn.dueholm@slu.se