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Department of Plant Breeding

We teach and perform strategic and applied research on horticultural and agricultural crops with the aim to provide knowledge, tools and products for a bio-based economy, improved environment and human health. Our vision is that our work shall make significant contributions to an efficient and sustainable production of food, feed and industrial products from plants. 

We have active public breeding programs on apple, potato, faba bean, black currant and sea buckthorn targeting Northern Europe. Pre-breeding research activities are done on cereals, legumes, energy and oil crops, fruits and berries, and also includes domesticating species with high potential for food and non-food uses. Our research is also directed towards the utilization of plant resources by assessing the extent of plant food waste in primary production, evaluating crops with bioactive compounds contributing to human health and nutrition, and developing food products and bio-based materials.

Our five divisions:

Plant Breeding AgriculturePlant Breeding Horticulture
Plant biotechnology
Plant Product Quality AgriculturePlant Product Quality Horticulture

Published: 25 January 2022 - Page editor: fredrik.reslow@slu.se