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Department of Plant Breeding

Our vision is for our work to contribute significantly to the efficient and sustainable production of food, feed, and industrial products from plants

Division of Plant Breeding

Our division explores crop biodiversity and trait inheritance, aiding the domestication and genetic enhancement of new crops with increased yield, resistance, and produce quality.

Division of Plant Product Quality

Our division identifies how different crops, cultivars, cultivation methods, and postharvest handling affect and regulate end-product quality—and how this quality can be increased.

Division of Plant Biotechnology

Our division unravels the regulatory networks of storage compounds in plants and then uses this knowledge for creating new crops by means of modern gene-technology methods.

Top stories

Potato diapers

Every day, millions of disposable diapers made from black petroleum oil are used in Europe. But some of our researchers have now found a new material, where the oil is replaced with potatoes. [Video with Prof. Eva Johansson in Swedish]


Campus Alnarp - the film

Meet some of our co-workers and and listen to them tell about the significance of the research environments and the place where they operate.

Alnarp castle

Crops in a warmer climate

Crossing plants with other, more resistant varieties can create hybrids that are more resistant to drought. [Video interview on SVT News with Dr. Cecilia Hammenhag in Swedish]


Bacterial cocktail

Some of our researchers have found a combination of good bacteria in the soil, which means that potato plants can cope with both drought and a common fungal disease. [Video on TV4 with Dr. Ramesh Vetukuri]

Phytophthora infestans on potato leaf



Published: 30 April 2024 - Page editor: bjorn.dueholm@slu.se