BSc programme in Forest management

Last changed: 10 February 2023

The education is regularly revised to meet changing sector and society needs. The broad view on forests for production, rural development and environment is kept. Forest operations regain an increased focus, i.e. wood flows, logistics and road construction & maintenance. The discipline is widened with e.g. new infrastructures for sustainable forest management and wood fibre for energy purposes. New methodologies and GIS technologies in forest management is reflected with the use of software and  applications

The BSc graduates are trained to meet the competence needs in forestry and related sectors. The Forest management graduate is recruited for his/her competence in forest management, forest administration, advisory services and estate and wood trading.According to the student guide: ”The graduate shall, for the forestry sector’s disciplines and other natural
resources utilisation and environmental concern, have  acquired:

- knowledge and skills in the areas of  biology, technology and economics needed for professional
  activities in forestry and associated industries and organisations,

- knowledge and skills relating to various uses of the forest as a natural resource and ability to
  plan, implement and evaluate measures affecting the balance between production,
  the  environment and other values,
- the knowledge and ability needed to manage processes, products and the work  environment, taking 
  into account people's abilities and needs.

The graduate shall have the knowledge and the ability to:

- be in charge of  forest management, administration and manpower development

- meet societal objectives in terms of economic development, social needs, and environmental concern.

The main employers of  the graduated students are forest enterprises, forest owners associations, the Swedish Forest Agency with its regional and local offices and estate brokers. Other employment opportunities for the graduates are found in wood processing industry, forest machine manufacturing, transport and logistics. teaching, planning, commerce, tourism, media, etc.