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Gender equality and equal opportunities at SLU

All information about SLU’s work on gender equality and equal opportunity (abbreviated JLV in Swedish) is gathered on this page. Here, you can find information on current gender mainstreaming efforts and information and support linked to the work with equal opportunities.

Gender equality and equal opportunities at SLU

The goal of the gender equality and equal opportunity work at SLU is for all employees and students to be given equal opportunities and to ensure that everyone’s equal rights are respected. A work and study environment that is free from discrimination and is characterised by inclusion is a fundamental prerequisite for a sustainable work and study life. This is why gender equality and equal opportunities are fundamental principles for all activities within SLU.

SLU works towards a goal of greater gender equality through gender mainstreaming as a method. SLU also works preventively and systematically on equal opportunities to protect individuals against discrimination and to promote equal rights and opportunities regardless of gender, transgender identity or expression, ethnic identity, religion or other beliefs, disability, sexual orientation and age. This work is fundamentally about working for and protecting our human rights.

Published: 29 September 2021 - Page editor: plan-webb@slu.se