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Basic course Food Science

The course consists of a mixture of lectures, seminars, individual work and group assignments. Through lectures by researchers and invited experts, as well as study visits, the student is offered a broad overview of the all parts of the food sector and of the possible job market for food scientists. Seminars and project work give the student possibility to specialisation in parts of the course as well as training in general skills. In the course, compulsory components are included like various types of written assignments and presentations of project work.

The following fields are treated during the course:

  • introduction to higher education with components as study technique, information retrieval, communication and presentation technique

  • introduction to ethical argumentation and sustainable natural resources exploitation

  • foodstuff from the perspective of the research, public authorities, the food industry and the consumer

  • the food production chains from primary production to consumption

  • the chemical composition and properties of the food raw materials

Course evaluation

The course evaluation is now closed

LV0117-10063 - Course evaluation report

Once the evaluation is closed, the course coordinator and student representative have 1 month to draft their comments. The comments will be published in the evaluation report.

Additional course evaluations for LV0117

Academic year 2023/2024

Basic course Food Science (LV0117-10332)

2023-08-28 - 2023-09-27

Academic year 2021/2022

Basic course Food Science (LV0117-10207)

2021-08-30 - 2021-09-29

Syllabus and other information

Litterature list

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Course facts

The course is offered as an independent course: No The course is offered as a programme course: Food Science (BSc) Tuition fee: Tuition fee only for non-EU/EEA/Switzerland citizens: 19030 SEK Cycle: Bachelor’s level (G1N)
Subject: Food Science Food science
Course code: LV0117 Application code: SLU-10063 Location: Uppsala Distance course: No Language: Swedish Responsible department: Department of Molecular Sciences Pace: 100%