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Geographic information systems for environmental and natural science studies

The course presents geographic information systems (GIS) as a tool for planning, implementation and presentation of projects that handle geographically related information. It provides practically applicable knowledge of how spatial information can be analysed and presented by means of maps and covers GIS in a system perspective, spatial data models, geodesy, geographic map services and products, satellite based positioning, remote sensing, cartography and map production as well as automated applications and geographic analysis.

The teaching consists of lectures, interactive case-based moments where GIS projects are analysed (attendance can be compulsory), as well as problem-oriented computer exercises. The computer exercises are carried out in the form of web-based educational modules where compulsory and elective exercises are combined so that they cover components from data acquisition to geographic analysis and design of traditional as well as web-based maps.

Syllabus and other information

Litterature list

1) An Introduction to Geographical Information Systems

**Link: **
**Author: **Heywood, Ian
**ISBN: **9780273722595
**Comment: **Lecture textbook. 864 SEK at

2) Geografisk informationsbehandling - teori, metoder och tillämpningar

**Author: **Lars Harrie (editor)
**ISBN: **9789144088778
**Comment: **Alternative lecture textbook in Swedish. 365 kr på Studentlitteratur.

  1. Getting to know ArcGIS Desktop

**Link: **
**Author: **Law M, Collins A
**ISBN: **9781589483828
**Comment: **Optional training literature. 783 SEK på Bokus.

  1. The ESRI Guide to GIS Analysis. Volume 1: Geographic Patterns and Relationsships

**Link: **
**Author: **Mitchell A.
**ISBN: **9781879102064
**Comment: **Optional inspiration for the project-based part of the course. 241 kr på

5) The ESRI Guide to GIS Analysis. Volume 2: Spatial Measurements & Statistics

**Link: **
**Author: **Andy Mitchell
**ISBN: **2004400242
**Comment: **Optional inspiration for the project-based part of the course. 583 kr på

  1. The ESRI Guide to GIS Analysis. Volume 3: Modeling Suitability, Movement, and Interaction

**Link: **
**Author: **Mitchell A.
**ISBN: **9781589483057
**Comment: **Optional inspiration for the project-based part of the course. 685 kr på

  1. Cartography - Visualization of Spatial Data

**Link: **
**Author: **Kraak M-J, Ormeling F
**ISBN: **9780273722793
**Comment: **Optional inspiration for the finalization of project presentation. 678 SEK at

Course facts

The course is offered as an independent course: Yes The course is offered as a programme course: EnvEuro - European Master in Environmental Science Soil, Water and Environment - Master's Programme Agriculture and Plant/Soil Sciences Tuition fee: Tuition fee only for non-EU/EEA/Switzerland citizens: 19030 SEK Cycle: Master’s level (A1N)
Subject: Technology Technique Technology
Course code: TE0017 Application code: SLU-20174 Location: Uppsala Distance course: No Language: English Responsible department: Department of Energy and Technology Pace: 100%