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Are you interested in how marine and fresh water questions connect to sustainable development and ecology or how water technique can be developed in Sweden and global to solve problems in the future?

At SLU we can offer the course package Sustainable Fisheries and Aquatic Ecosystems at advanced level and the master´s programme Soil, water and environment.

Soil and Water Management

Soil and water management is of major concern at all levels of society from local authorities to international organisations. This Master’s degree will prepare you to work as a soil/water expert at public authorities at various levels, within consultancy or to continue a career within research.

Sustainable Fisheries and Aquatic Ecosystems (course package)

At SLU, students who want to work with fish, fisheries and aquatic ecosystems have the opportunity to take a one-year education package at advanced level.

The package suits students who are interested in ecology, marine biology and limnologyand prepares them for work in nature conservation, fish conservation or fish management

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