Data description

Swedish Historical Phenology Dataset

Last changed: 07 July 2023

The dataset contains reports of phenological observations, made at more than 700 locations throughout Sweden between 1865 and 1951. The observations were mainly conducted by local weather observers, assigned by the Swedish Weather Service (formerly named SMCA, now SMHI), so weather data can also be found for many of these locations, to support to the phenological observations.

The dataset consists of 345 806 posts of phenology observations, in total. The main part of the phenological data consists of observations of budburst, flowering, ripening of fruits and autumn coloured leaves on plants and trees, but also spring and autumn migration of migratory birds, agricultural activities like when spring tillage begins and sowing and harvest begins, and also activities of a few insects.

Download data

Data can be downloaded from the Swedish National Data Service research data catalogue: Swedish Historical Phenology Dataset.