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Albin Larsson Ekström

Albin Larsson Ekström
Doctoral student in restoration ecology. Investigating responses of deadwood-associated species to restoration measures in pine and deciduous forests.


My research focuses on the ecology of deadwood-associated species communities in relation to ecological restoration. My main interests revolve around biodiversity patterns and community ecology in a wide sense.

In one of my experiments I investigate how variable retention felling, prescribed burning and deadwood creation affects deadwood dependent beetles, lichens and fungi in a pine forest experiment. I have also monitored the rare beetle, Tragosoma depsarium, in this experiment. 

In another experiment I investigate the taxonomic, phylogenetic and functional diversity of saproxylic beetles in forests restored for the umbrella species, the white-backed woodpecker.



Teaching in "Sustainable Management of Boreal Forests", Msc course, 15 ECTS.

Teaching in "Forest Ecology and Conservation Biology", Bsc course, 15 ECTS.

Field teaching regarding pest insect species and species of conservation concern.


Bsc thesis

Main supervisor x2

Msc thesis

Assistant supervisor x1 (ongoing)

Selected publications

Larsson Ekström, A., Hjältén, J., Löfroth, T. (2024).
A decadal study reveals that restoration guided by an umbrella species does not reach target levels.
Journal of Applied Ecology,

Larsson Ekström, A., Sjögren, J., Djupström., L.B., Thor, G., Löfroth, T. (2023).
Reinventory of permanent plots show that kelo lichens face an extinction debt.
Biological Conservation, Volume 288,

Larsson Ekström, A., Bergmark, P., & Hekkala, A.-M. (2021). Can multifunctional forest landscapes sustain a high diversity of saproxylic beetles?. Forest Ecology and Management, 490, 119107,