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Anders Malmer

Anders Malmer
Anders Malmer has worked at SLU as a teacher in soil science in relations to forest production and forest ecology for Swedish MSc in Forestry since 1986 at part time. Other part time has been devoted to research (1987 – 1993 as PhD student). The research has been made only in cooperation with low income country partners in the tropics. Since 2008 Anders Malmer is promoted to Professor of “Tropical Forest ecology and management with emphasis on soil science” and after 2018 in the form of adjunct professor at SLU from a new position at the Swedish Forest Agency.


Since end of 2018 AM is employed by the Swedish Forest Agency (SFA) responsible for low- and middle-income country cooperation. Major responsibilities include an international training program on forest and landscape restoration ( ) and cooperation with FAO. Full time employed at SFA, AM is since 2019 adjunct professor at SLU tied to the Department of Forest Ecology and Management, to continue active contact with the research group at small part time for mutual benefit for SLU and SFA. 

Between 2014 and 2018 AM was assigned at 70% of full time as Director for SLU Global, which is a unit at the Vice Chancellors Office. The purpose was to strategically develop SLU’s cooperation with low-income countries and global development along Swedish development policies and the UN sustainable development goals. It also aimed to multidisciplinary integrate and make more visible the breadth of research, capacity development and expertise with global development and low-income countries cooperation within SLU. (>20% of review publications by SLU researchers are co-authored with researchers from low- and middle-income countries). The remaining 30 % of full time was still devoted to the professorship based at SLU in Umea, but as flexibility called, both duties were handled continuously from both locations.


AM´s research concerns tropical forests and landscapes, especially questions related to the role of trees in improving and restoring land productivity, livelihoods, ecosystem services and climate adaptation. His research has included activities and cooperation in Malaysia, Thailand, The Philippines, Indonesia, Burkina Faso, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Gabon, Ghana, Costa Rica, Laos, Vietnam, Honduras and he has been actively involved in national networks (SIANI & Focali) as well as international ones (ETFRN, IUFRO and FAO’s Forest and water network). AM’s own research and SLU Global’s activity is also connect to multilateral institutes like ICRAF, CIFOR and ILRI as well as to bilateral dialogues and cooperation between Sweden to Ethiopia, Brazil and Indonesia. 


Both in research, with SLU  Global and with the new role at SFA AM is interested in cooperation and networking. This is manifested in many popular science writings, national and international panels, hearing in the European Parliament and participation as expert in Swedish delegations to various countries. Interesting experience are bilateral forest sector high-level dialogues with Indonesia, Brazil and Ethiopia. AM was initially coordinating the dialogue with Ethiopian ministerial level, for all actors in the Swedish forest sector during 2017 and 2018. A selection of commission of trust in later years include:

  • Associate Editor for Ambio, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences 2004 - 2015
  • Steering committee network  “Agric4D” sponsored by Sida 2009-2013.
  • Steering committee “FOCALI” (For., Clim. and Poverty Network) 2009-2012.
  • Member of the core group for SIWI’s Cluster group cooperation on Forests and water 2014 -2017
  • Steering committee for SIANI (Swe International Agriculture Network Initiative, ex officio) 2014 – 2018
  • Steering committee for the AgiFoSe program (ex officio) 2016 – 2018
  • Member of the Swedish FAO-committee 2015 – 2018 and 2020 - 
  • Steering committee for Swedish Agroforestry Network 2016 - 2018
  • Member of the board for IFS (International Foundation for Science) 2017 –
  • Member of the FAO Committee of Forestry Working group on dryland forests and agrosilvopastoral systems 2018- and Chair of its steering committee 2021 – 

Selected publications

Ilstedt, U.+10 förf.. Malmer, A ., 2016. Intermediate tree cover can maximize groundwater recharge in the seasonally dry tropics. Nature Sci. Rep. 6: 21930; doi: 10.1038/srep21930.

Traoré, S., Ouattara, K., Ilstedt, U., Schmidt, M., Thiombiano, A., Malmer, A. and Nyberg, G., 2014. Effect of land degradation on carbon and nitrogen pools in two soil types of a semi-arid landscape in West Africa. Geoderma 241–242 (2015) 330–338

Bargués Tobella, A., Reese, H., Almaw, A., Malmer, A., Laudon, H.,  Ilstedt, U., 2014.The effect of trees on preferential flow and soil infiltrability in an agroforestry parkland in semiarid Burkina Faso. Water Resources Reseaerch, 50, 3342–3354, doi:10.1002/2013WR015197.

Resistani, P., Malmer, A. and van Hensbergen, B., 2014. Forest, water and carbon storage: Creating synergies and balancing trade-offs in view of climate change. In: Jagerskog, A., Clausen, T. J., Holmgren, T. and Lexen, K., (eds.) 2014. Energy and Water: The Vital Link for a Sustainable Future. Report Nr. 33. SIWI, Stockholm.

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Malmer,  A., Ardö., J., Scott, D., Vignola, R. and Xu, J., 2010. Forest cover and global water governance. In: Forests and society – responding to global drivers of change. Mery, G. et al. (eds). IUFRO World Series, 25: 75-93.



Adjunct Professor at the Department of Forest Ecology and Management; Department of Forest Ecology and Management, joint staff
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