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Anders Roos

Anders Roos
Professor in Business Administration with focus on the forest industrial value chain


Strategy in the forest products industry

Forest products marketing

Customer studies

Supply chain management

The forest sector in the Bioeconomy

Innovation in the forest sector

Forest governance, livelihoods and sustainable development


Sustainable Business Models for Tree based Value Chains in Sub Saharan Africa:

Tree based supply chains (SC) are key for the livelihoods of millions of people in Sub Saharan Africa. These SC mostly operate within the informal sector and involves the harvesting, processing, and marketing of a range of forest based products: timber, energy wood, and non-timber forest products (NTFP – e.g. food products, medicine etc.). The produce is mostly consumed in Africa and involve tens of millions of, mostly poor, people in the supply chains, and affect about 600 million consumers. These quantities, where energy is the main use, account for almost 90% of all forest harvests on the continent. However, the forest situation is not sustainable and Africa accounts for 80% of the global net deforestation. Sustainable supply chains for forest products would contribute to more stable forest conditions and less GHG emissions, while securing income and affordable forest products for the future. We study the conditions for sustainable supply chains among poor SC actors. The SC structure and members’ resources, capabilities, and institutional factors that  romote sustainable and livelihoodimproving value chains, are analysed. The study is based on sustainable livelihoods models, theories on resources and capabilities and operations management. Two locations - in Kenya and Burkina Faso - are studied with a

participatory research design, and quantitative, qualitative and observations approaches. Our research will benefit SC actors directly, policymakers and cooperation agencies.

Selected publications

Eriksson, P., Roos, A., Mark-Herbert, C. 2022. The role of harvester measurement in the wood supply chain, International Journal of Forest Engineering, DOI: 10.1080/14942119.2022.2123668

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Mulenga, M. M., Roos, A. 2021. Assessing the awareness and adoptability of pellet cookstoves for low-income households in Lusaka, Zambia.  Journal of Energy in Southern Africa 32(3)

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