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Anna Hessle

Anna Hessle


I have a master in animal science, and I am an associate professor in nutrition in beef production. Since 1999 I am employed at SLU in Skara.

Beside researching, I am the coordinator of Götala Beef and Lamb Research Centre, SLU's experimental facilities for beef and lamb production. The task implies that I am the contact person when researchers want to conduct an experiment on the farm. The plant manager Jonas Dahl, and I thereby together coordinate the practical logistics at the farm. I am also the head of our section, the Section of Production Systems at the Dept. of Animal Environment and Health.

In leisure hours, I spend my time with my family, sheepdogs and farm.


My research mainly concerns different aspects of the nutrition and feeding of cattle with special focus on beef production. I appreciate intradisciplinary research with an applicable approach. During my period as a PhD student and for a following study, the focus was on how to rear growing cattle on semi-natural grasslands and combine production of high-quality carcasses with proper management of the grasslands to maintain biodiversity. Both within the dissertation and afterwards I have studied grazing behaviour and the ecology of the grasslands.

Later, I have been working in various projects were I have been responsible for the nutritional and performance aspects of growing cattle, not specified for grazing systems but also for indoor systems. Sometimes animal nutrition has been the main focus of the projects, but sometimes meat science, economy, animal welfare or parasitology.

Cooperation projects are regulary undertaken. At present, I am in charge of a common research project on beef and lamb production with Västra Götalandsregionen, Hushållningssällskapet Sjuhärad and SLU and an innovation project with industrial partners dealing with surveillance system for grazing cattle and sheep based on digital techniques.

Research networks includes national and international universities and institutes, industrial partners, authorities, non-governmental organizations.

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At present, I am the main supervisor of PhD student Kristina Holmström, studying economy in pasture-based beef production, and assisting supervisor of Niclas Högberg, working with remote sense techniques for animal welfare assessments in grazing cattle and sheep. Until 2019 I was main supervisor of PhD Mikaela Jardstedt, who worked with beef cow feeding, and assisting supervisor of PhD Morten Tofastrud, studying ecology of grazing cattle in forests. I regularly supervise master and bachelor thesis and give lectures, mostly at SLU and mainly in animal nutrition focused on beef production.

Selected publications

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Researcher at the Department of Animal Environment and Health; Division of Production Systems
Telephone: +4651167143
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Visiting address: Gråbrödragatan 19, Skara