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Anna Maria Johansson

Anna Maria Johansson


My main interests are population genetics and gene mapping, but all areas of genetics is interesting.    


I am teaching population genetics and sheep breeding.


My own research projects are about genetic diversity and population structure in Swedish breeds of chicken and sheep. In sheep I am also investigating coat colour and fertility. I am also involved in research about bone strength in laying hens and inbreeding nad selection in dairy cattle.


  • MSc in Biology, Lund university, 2002
  • PhD in Genetics, Lund university, 2007
  • Postdoc at Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics 2007-2011
  • Researcher and director of undergraduate studies at Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics 2012-2013
  • Researcher at Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics 2013-

Selected publications

Rochus CM, Johansson AM. 2017. Estimation of genetic diversity in Gute sheep: pedigree and microsatellite analyses of an ancient Swedish breed. Hereditas 154:4

Mao X, Johansson AM, Sahana G, Guldbrandtsen B, De Koning DJ. (2016) Imputation of markers on the bovine X chromosome. J Dairy Sci 99(9):7313-8.

Mukiibi R, Rochus CM, AnderssonG, Johansson AM. (2015) The use of endogenous retroviruses as markers to describe the genetic relationships among local Swedish sheep breeds. Animal Genetics 46(2):220-223

Johansson AM and Nelson RM (2015) Characterization of genetic diversity and gene mapping in two Swedish local chicken breeds. Front. Genet. 6:44

Johansson AM, Pettersson ME, Siegel PB, Carlborg Ö. 2010. Genome-wide effects of long-term divergent selection. PLoS Genetics 6(11): e1001188

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