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Annette Löf

Annette Löf
Postdoctoral researcher in Environmental Communication focused on collaboration


I am a postdoctoral researcher at the unit for Environmental Communication at the Department for Urban and Rural Development. I am interested in human-environmental interactions and specifically how societies try to govern the use of natural resources and deal with the complexities of the environment. My current project focuses on collborative practices (samverkan) as a specific form of governance interaction within the Swedish green sector.



Although a political scientist by training, my background and research interest is characterized by transdisciplinarity. I have experience from working in different transdisciplinary research settings and centers such as the Centre for Sami Research at Umeå University, Stockholm Resilience Centre and the School for Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies. Both my research and teaching profile gravitates towards natural resource management and governance, suststainable development and interactive aspects between governing practices and those impacted by different governing measures. Participatory research is another important tenet - practically and theoretically - in my work. In my PhD-thesis I investigated how reindeer husbandry is governed and what the consequences are for reindeer herders at the operational order, for example their ability to deal with impacts of climate change. Large parts of the research was done in collaboration with Vilhelmina norra reindeer herding community.

The postdoc project explores different dimensions of collaboration and collaborative practices in the Swedish green sector with a particular emphasis on the agricultural sector. Here, like in many policy areas, collaborative practices as a specific form of governance is increasingly popular and associated with a way to handle the wickedness of many contemporary and sustainability challenges. But at a more general level the expected and desired outcomes of collaboration are hard to ascertain and collaborative practices have been shown to generate new types of challenges. In this project we will address collaboration through a critical and exploratory lens. We are interested in exploring how collaboration is constructed as a governing idea and ideal, how national platforms for collaborative practices are organised and institutionalised and how that opens up for or makes difficult different types of actions, as well as how collaborative interactions play out in practice by studying cases of collaborative initiaves at a more local level. Together this will provide an encompassing perspective on collaborative practices. 

The project is funded by Vinnova under the title "Collaboration between research and advisory services for more efficient knowledge development in the green sector". The aim is to illustrate and investigate gaps between knowledge production, communicaiton and needs between research, advisory services and practitioners in order to contribute to enhanced collaboration. The project is lead by Hanna Bergeå and is carried out in collaboration with RådNu, national center of competence and collaborative platform. 

Selected publications

For publications, see my Swedish CV-site. 

Researcher at the Department of Urban and Rural Development; Division of Environmental Communication
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