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Benjamin Forsmark

Benjamin Forsmark
My research focuses on how forests respond to environmental changes and management decisions. For temperate and boreal forests, these responses depend heavily on the availability of soil resources, notably water and nitrogen, and I work with different field experiments to understand how trees and soil organisms respond to changes in climate and nutrient availability, and how their interactions influence the carbon balance of forests.


I supervise thesis projects on forest soil, regeneration, mycorrhiza, carbon sequestration, nutrient and water cycling.


Ph.D. in Biology 2020. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Dept. Forest Ecology and Management, Umeå, Sweden.

M.Sc. in Biology 2015. Lund University, Dept. Biology, Lund, Sweden.

B.Sc. in Biology 2013. Lund University, Dept. Biology, Lund, Sweden.

Selected publications

Forsmark, B., T. Bizjak, A. Nordin, N.P. Rosenstock, H. Wallander, M.J. Gundale. Shifts in microbial community composition and metabolism correspond with rapid soil carbon accumulation in response to 20 years of simulated nitrogen deposition.  Science of the Total Environment. 2024.

C. Svensson, M. Bader, B. Forsmark, U. Nilsson, T. Lundmark, A. Nordin, J. Bergh. Early and repeated nutrient additions support far greater stemwood production in Norway spruce than traditional late-rotation fertilisation. Forest Ecology and Management 2023.

R. Blaško, B. Forsmark, M. J. Gundale, H. Lim, T. Lundmark, A. Nordin. The carbon sequestration response of aboveground biomass and soils to nutrient enrichment in boreal forests depends on baseline site productivity. Sci. Total Environ. 2022.

B. Forsmark, A. Nordin, N. P. Rosenstock, H. Wallander, M. J. Gundale. Anthropogenic nitrogen enrichment increased the efficiency of belowground biomass production in a boreal forest. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 2021.

B. Forsmark, A. Nordin, N. Maaroufi, T. Lundmark, M. J. Gundale. Low and high nitrogen deposition rates in northern coniferous forests have different impacts on aboveground litter production, soil respiration, and soil carbon stocks. Ecosystems 2020.

B. Forsmark, H. Wallander, A. Nordin, M. J. Gundale. Long‐term nitrogen enrichment does not increase microbial phosphorus mobilization in a northern coniferous forest. Functional Ecology 2020.

R. Blaško, B. Forsmark, M. J. Gundale, T. Lundmark, A. Nordin. Impacts of tree species identity and species mixing on ecosystem carbon and nitrogen stocks in a boreal forest. Forest Ecol. Manag. 2020.

N. I. Maaroufi, A. Nordin, K. Palmqvist, N. J. Hasselquist, B. Forsmark, N. P. Rosenstock, H. Wallander, M. J. Gundale. Anthropogenic nitrogen enrichment enhances soil carbon accumulation by impacting saprotrophs rather than ectomycorrhizal fungal activity. Glob. Change Biol. 2019.

J. P. Almeida, N. P. Rosenstock, B. Forsmark, J. Bergh, H. Wallander. Ectomycorrhizal community composition and function in a spruce forest transitioning between nitrogen and phosphorus limitation. Fungal Ecol. 2019.


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