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Björn Embrén

Adjunct Lecturer wedish University of Agricultural Sciences epartment of Urban and Rural Development, Arbor Konsult AB, Stockholm City Traffic Office. Previous employments: Trafikkontoret Stockholmsstad, Peab, Stockholm Entreprenad, Millesgården, Zetas Trädgård, Fritid Södermalm, Parkförvaltningen Stockholmsstad. Stockholmsstad Peab, Stockholm Entreprenad supervisor. The work included operation and maintenance of the city's green and paved surfaces with winter road maintenance and sanitation, park management on Södermalm and Kungsholmen. Started an arborist group and was responsible for the implementation of flower programs in Stockholm's inner city. The Stockholm Traffic Administration: Tree specialist (ordering function) Specialist in plant beds in urban environments The Stockholm Traffic Administration 2001-2019. As: civil engineer, project manager for renovation and new construction of parks. Ex. Björn's garden, Högalidsparken, Lilla Essingen beach park, Bysistorget, Kungsträdgården. Responsible for Investment, Operation and Maintenance of street trees. Produced the first tender documents and procured Arborists on annual contracts in Sweden Has developed a construction for trees in hardened surfaces in urban environments. Developed alternative planting soils with biochar, compost and macadam. And developed a concept for the entire process from procurement, control system to fully established trees in Stockholm City and by producing a handbook on the subject spread the knowledge first edition in 2004. The design was further developed to become an alternative for stormwater management in cities. At the same time, it becomes part of counteracting the negative effects of climate change. Since 2009, a further development of the plant beds where biochar is an important ingredient in the plant bed has been underway. Biochar, compost and macadam act as a substitute for soil and can at the same time act as filters to capture nutrients in stormwater. The idea of ​​producing and using biochar in plant beds resulted in a win in the Mayors Challenge in 2014, giving Stockholm City a second prize of SEK 10 million to build its own facility in 2016 to produce biochar from garden waste that is handed in to the city's recycling facilities. Speakers with up to 50 lectures per year in recent years in Sweden, USA, Germany, England, Scotland, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Czech Republic, France, Holland, Switzerland.