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Elin Hernlund

Elin Hernlund
I work as a researcher in biomechanics, as a clinician with a focus on equine orthopedics and as a teacher in functional and applied anatomy of the equine locomotor apparatus. As a post-doc researcher, I am involved in several different research projects with my biggest focus being on projects concerning equine hindlimb lameness as well as orthopedic pain in large animals.


The aim of my research is to better the understanding of movement and behavioral changes in horses due to orthopedic pain, including changes in facial expression and body posture. In addition, I investigate risk factors for lameness, such as the influence of the rider as well as training surface.


I teach veterinary students, veterinary technician students as well as students of animal science. For the veterinary students I offer clinical education in orthopedics and movement analysis during their last year as students and supervise veterinary master thesis projects during their final semester.


  • Hindlimb lameness –why is it so hard to see and how can we improve detection? 2018-2020. Principal investigator: Elin Hernlund, SLU.
  • Biomechanical profile of top-level dressage riders. 2018-2020. Principal investigator: Maria Terese Engell, SLU and NMBU. 
  • Objective gait and lameness detection in Icelandic horses. 2018-2020. Principal investigator: Filipe Serra Bragaca, Utrech University.
  • No hoof no horse? –A study on hoof quality, performance and health in standardbred trotters. 2018-2020. Principal investigators: Lena Holm and Anna Jansson, SLU.
  • Reintension from the horse’s perspective. Principal investigator: Marie Eisersiö, Agneta Egenvall SLU 2017-2021
  • Does it hurt? -Identification of orthopaedic pain in large animals. 2017-2019. Principal investigators: Katrina Ask, Pia Haubro Andersen and Marie Rhodin, SLU.
  • Lameness or laterality: when does asymmetry matter? 2017-2019. Principal investigators: Marie Rhodin and Marie Hammarberg, SLU.
  • As time goes by: movement symmetry in horses from rookie to athlete. 2017-2019. Principal investigators: Emma-Persson Sjödin, SLU, Anne Selvén Kallerud, NMBU and Marie Hammarberg, SLU.
  • Safe floors for cattle to prevent injuries. 2018. Principal investigator: Evgenij Telezhenko, SLU.


In my research, I collaborate with researchers from Utrecht University in Holland, NMBU in Norway, Royal Veterinary College in England, Zürich University in Switzerland, Lüsche equine clinic in Germany and the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

I also collaborate on a regular basis with The Swedish Equestrian Federation regarding issues relating to surfaces and orthopedic health and give lectures to the various riding groups in ATG and the national dressage team of Norway.


Since 2008, I have worked at SLU both as a researcher and as a clinician at the Equine Clinic of the University Hospital. In 2016, I defended my dissertation on training and competing surfaces in showjumping. Today, I work as a post-doc researcher at the Department of Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry. I have also had a part-time post-doc at Utrecht University in the Netherlands.


I am assistant supervisor to the following doctoral students: Katrina Ask, SLU, Marie Eisersiö, SLU, Anne Selvén Kallerud NMBU and Marie Hammarberg, SLU.

Selected publications

Original publications

1.     A. Egenvall, L. Roepstorff, M. Rhodin, F. Serra Bragança, M. T. Engell, E. Hernlund, E. Persson-Sjödin, R. van Weeren, M. A. Weishaupt, A. Byström (2018). Biomechanical Findings in Horses Showing Asymmetrical Vertical Excursions of the Withers at Walk. PONE-D-18-11076R1

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3.      M. Rhodin, A. Byström, L. Roepstorff, E. Hernlund, P.R. Van Weeren, M.A. Weishaupt and A. Egenvall (2018). Effect of different head and neck positions on kinematics of elite dressage horses ridden at walk on treadmill.

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15.   Hernlund Elin, Egenvall Agneta, Roepstorff Lars (2010). Kinematic characteristics of hoof landing in jumping horses at elite level. Equine Veterinary Journal, 42 (suppl 38), pp.462-467.

Book in English: 

Hernlund Elin, Lönnell Cecilia, Roepstorff Lars, Lundholm Marcus, Bergström Lars, Andersson Ann-Margrethe, Carlsson Björn, Fogelberg Fredrik, Krügel Fia, Söderberg Markku, Hoberg Oliver, Egenvall Agneta (2014). Equestrian surfaces – a guide. . Svenska Ridsportförbundet. Epsilon:


Researcher, Clinical Veterinarian, Clinical Veterinarian leave of absence, Associate Senior Lecturer at the Department of Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry (AFB); Division of Anatomy and Physiology
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