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Emelie Fredriksson

Emelie Fredriksson
Ecologist that focuses on fire and fire mimicing actions and their impacts on species composition of wood-inhabiting insects, fungi, vertebrates and plants.


The goal of my postdoctoral research is to compare prescribed burning to the fire mimicing action of bark peeling ("katning"). During the summer of 2024 I will collect data from one of Sveaskogs Ecoparks called Ejheden, located in northern Dalarna. 


Ph.D., SLU Umeå, 2017-2021

Environmental consultant, Greensway AB, Uppsala, 2017

Research assistant, Umeå University, 2016

Nature guide, Länsstyrelsen Västerbotten, 2016

MSc in Biology, Umeå University,  2014-2016

BSc in Biology, Umeå University, 2010-2014


Anne-Maarit Hekkala, associate professor at the Department of Wildlife, Fish and Environmental Studies, project leader.

Selected publications

Fredriksson, E., Wallgren, M., & Löfroth, T. (2023). Wildfire and prescribed burning impact moose forage availability and browsing levels in the northern boreal forest.

Fredriksson, E. (2021). Decadal effects of forest fire on biodiversity and browsing. PhD Thesis. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Umeå.

Fredriksson, E., Mugerwa Pettersson, R., Naalisvaara, J., & Löfroth, T. (2020). Wildfire yields a distinct turnover of the beetle community in a semi-natural pine forest in northern Sweden. Ecological processes, 9, 1-12.