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Emma Ivarsson

Emma Ivarsson
Senior Lecturer in Nutrition-Especially Poultry and Pig


Research interests:

Monogastric nutrition, especially poultry and pig and the interactions between nutrition, production and health. Evaluation of novel feedstuff that can contribute to a reduced environmental impact of animal production. 

Research Skills:

Design, sampling, analysis, interpretation and publication of digestibility, growth, feed and production experiments with broiler chickens, pigs and laying hens. 


Lecturing about poultry and pig nutrition at both undergraduate and master level. Course leader of BI1411 Animal Feeding. Director of study for the Master's programme in Animal Science. 


On-going projets as project leader:

Brown algae as feed additive in chicken diets- for a sustainable production and safe consumption. Formas 2017-2023. Brown algae to broilers

Reduced ammonia volatilization in poultry production by adjusted feed composition. Lantmännen 2021-2025. Reduced ammonia volatilization in poultry production by adjusted feed composition



Writes articles and present projects at seminars arranged by the industry. Secterary of the Swedish bransch of WPSA. 


Supervise bachelor and masters project within pig and poultry nutrition. Are assisstant supervisor of three PhD students. 

Selected publications

Presto Åkerfeldt M, Stiernström, S Sigfridson K, Ivarsson E. 2023. From sewage sludge ash to recycled feed phosphate- digestibility pf precipitaded calcium phosphate in broiler chickens and growing pigs. Animal 17, 100819;

Ivarsson E, Wattrang E, Sun L, Cervin G, Pavia H, Wall H. 2022. Evaluation of early feed access and algal extract on growth performance, prgan development, gut microbiota and vaccine-induced antibody responses in broiler chickens. Animal 5, 100522;

Ivarsson E, Grudén, M, Södergren J, Hultberg, M. 2021. Use of faba bean (Vicia faba L.) hulls as substrate for Pleurotus ostreatus – Potential for combined mushroom and feed production.  Journal of Cleaner Production, Volume 313, 127969.

Boyner, M, Ivarsson E, Andersson Franko, M, Rezaei M and Wall H. 2021. Effect of hatching time on time to first feed intake, organ development, enzymatic activity and growth in broiler chicks hatched on-farm. Animal, 15, 100083.  

Zira S, Rydhmer, L, Ivarsson E, Hoffmann R and Röös E. 2021. A life cycle sustainability assessment of organic and conventional pork supply chains in Sweden. Sustainable Production and Consumption, 28, 21-38.

Tahamtani, FM, Ivarsson, E, Wiklicky, V, Lalander, C, Wall, H, Bas Rodenburg, T,  Tuyttens, FAM, Hernandez, CE. 2021. Feeding live Black Soldier Fly larvae (Hermetia illucens) to laying hens: effects on feed consumption, hen health, hen behavior, and egg quality. Poultry Science, 100, 101400.

Ivarsson E., and Neil M. 2018. Variations in nutritional and anti-nutritional contents among faba bean cultivars and effects on growth performance of weaner pigs. Livestock Science 212, 14-21.