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Emma Ivarsson

Emma Ivarsson


Research interests:

Monogastric nutrition, especially pig nutrition and effects of fibre on gut health.

Research Goal:

To increase the knowledge about chicory (Cichorium intybus L) as a feed stuff in pig nutrition.
To increase the knowledge about the microbiota in the healthy pig and how this can be affected by different fibre sources.
To increase the knowledge about nutrient utilization of different fibres

Research Skills:

Design, sampling, analysis and interpretation of growth experiments and change over designs using broiler chickens, piglet and cannulated pig models.


Lecturing about pig production and pig nutrition at both Undergraduate and Master program.
Supervisor to 2 undergraduate thesis and 1 Master thesis in Animal Science.


On-going projects:

Titel Project managers
Chicory as a potential fibre source. Jan Erik Lindberg,  Johan Dicksved Doktorand: Emma Ivarsson, Haoyu Liu