CV page

Emma Ternman


Research interests

Behaviour and management in dairy cows with focus on light programmes and sleep and rest in automatic milking systems.

Research goals

Efficient milk production with a high welfare standard.

Research skills

Design, sampling and analysis of behaviour and production data. Sleep scoring in dairy cows.


Assistant course leader Basic and applied ethology

Supervisor Master and bachelor projects

Supervisor Course project work, bachelor and master level

Lectures on sleep and management


Sleep in dairy cows

Light programmes on Swedish dairy farms

Milking efficiency and cow traffic in automatic milking systems

Selected publications

Ternman E, 2014. Sleep in dairy cows. Sveriges lantbruksuniv., Acta Universitatis agriculturae Sueciae, 1652-6880 ; 2014:105. Uppsala, Sweden.

Ternman E, Hänninen L, Pastell M, Agenäs S, Nielsen P P, 2012. Sleep in dairy cows recorded with a non-invasive EEG technique. Applied Animal Behaviour Science 140, 25-32.

Hjalmarsson F, Olsson I, Ferneborg S, Agenäs S, Ternman E, 2014. Effect of low light intensity at night on cow traffic in automatic milking systems. Animal Production Science. 54(10): 1784-1786.

Ternman E, Pastell M, Agenäs S, Strasser C, Winckler C, Nielsen P P, Hänninen L, 2014. Agreement between different sleep states and behaviour indicators in dairy cows. Applied Animal Behaviour Science. 160: 12-18.

Tiusanen J, Hautala M, Ternman E, Pastell M, 2015. Geometrical method for interpolating S-peaks from cow ECG using a microcontroller. Biosystems and engineering. 129: 324-328