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Erik Melin

Erik Melin
Lecturer in business administration at the Department of Economics. Erik's main subjects are entrepreneurship and organisation.


Erik works with teaching and research, and with administrative tasks connected to these areas.


Erik runs the courses Organizing in the green industry - Organizational theory I (FÖ0453), 15 credits; Organizing for sustainability - Organizational theory I (FÖ0455), 15 credits; Agricultural Science for business agronomists (LB0086), 15 credits; Business economics 1 (FÖ0437), 7.5 credits; and Business economics 2 (FÖ0438), 7.5 credits. He also teaches on several other courses at the undergraduate and graduate level, and supervises theses.


Erik is a member of EIS, a group that works with research on Entrepreneurship and innovation for sustainable development. Erik is interested in how entrepreneurial practices interact with context, and how context interacts with entrepreneurial practices.

Lecturer at the Department of Economics; Innovation and Bioeconomy