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Gunilla Lindholm

Gunilla Lindholm
Gunilla Lindholm is a landscape architect (Master of Science in Landscape Architecture 1983), Dr of Agronomy (1995) and docent (2020). Her employment at LAPF in Alnarp consists of 50% teaching and 50% research. Her main interest, which has led to different thematical studies, is the relationship between the experienced landscape and its representations in policy documents, and urban planning, design and management, in writing and images.


In my PhD project I tried to understand schoolyards from the point of view of understanding the significance of surroundings for children’s play and activities. As a side effect I was strongly intrigued by the gap between the “ideas and representations of children’s environment” on the one hand, and “the actual meaning and significance of the same environment, for the children themselves”. These disconnections/misunderstandings between actual landscapes and their representations have followed me through research on green infrastructure and urban planning and more recently transformation of urban landscapes, fostering a methodology of ‘transdisciplinary design’(TD) in order to use design thinking to link spatial and temporal data, actors’ and users perspectives, as well as site-context-vision-loops.

Selected publications

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Blomberg, P., Aldman, K., Lindholm, G., Dahl, C. & Klein, H: 2020. Grönplanering – en handledning.  Kristianstads kommun & Tankesmedjan MOVIUM, SLU.


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