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Hanna Astner

Hanna Astner
Hanna works as a teacher and PhD candidate at the Department of Economics. Her main subjects are entrepreneurship, marketing and quality and environmental management.


Hanna teaches the following courses: Marketing 10hp (FÖ0377), Quality and Environmental Management  10hp (MX0041) and Quality and Environmental Management – Continued Organization theory and Marketing 15hp (FÖ0393).


Hanna uses qualitative methods in her research, where she focuses on entrepreneurship and branding processes. In her research project she studies and develops ideas on how brands are developed during the entrepreneurial processes when a new market is formed. Hanna is especially focusing on the grocery bag market in Sweden, which first started out in 2007 and has increased rapidly since then.


Researcher at the Department of Economics; Entrepreneurship and innovation for sustainability
Telephone: 018-671705