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Ishi Buffam

Ishi Buffam
Researcher and teacher in ecosystem ecology.


I am an Ecosystem Ecologist, with a PhD in Forest Ecology from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU).  My training is in aquatic chemistry and biogeochemistry, with a primary focus on carbon and nitrogen transformations and hydrological transport within watersheds and stream networks.


I have designed and taught courses in Ecosystem Ecology, Aquatic Ecology, Stream Ecosystems, Water Resources, and Global Change. Currently, at SLU I teach courses on Climate Change and Challenges of the City.


My group’s current research projects involve:  climate change and freshwater ecosystem carbon cycling, biogeochemistry of urban aquatic ecosystems, and ecosystem services provided by urban green spaces. Many of our current projects are centered around quantifying ecosystem services and potential disservices associated with green (vegetated) roofs. Green roofs are known to intercept and reduce runoff during rain events, to reduce the urban heat island effect, and to function as good insulators thus saving heating/cooling energy. But, little is known about the direct biogeochemical functions of green roofs, for example: What capacity do green roofs have for carbon sequestration, nutrient retention, or greenhouse gas exchange? Or, do they function as a source of nutrients and greenhouse gases, and if so – how can they be designed to minimize these dis-services? And, what are the key climate, geophysical, and biological factors that control nutrient cycling in these novel urban ecosystems?

Selected publications

For a full list see: Ishi Buffam on ResearchGate

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Senior Lecturer at the Department of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management
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