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Jan Erik Lindberg

Professor (emeritus)


Research Interests:

Feed evaluation, animal nutrition and nutritional physiology, in particular diet, microbiota and host interactions.

Research Goal:

Unravel the key nutritional factors determining the composition of the commensal gut microbiota and the mechanisms regulating the host immune response.

Research Skills:

Experimental design and interpretation of experimental data. Animal models, intact and cannulated animals.

Activity in the scientific society:

Member of the International Scientific Committee for Digestive Physiology of Pigs (since 1997) and of the European Workshop on Equine Nutrition (since 2000). Member of the WIAS International Advisory Board, Wageningen University, The Netherlands (since 2016).

Editor for non-ruminant nutrition in Livestock Science (since 2011), member of the editorial board of Archives of Animal Nutrition and Journal of Animal Science and Biotechnology. Frequent referee commissions for peer-review in international journals.

Frequent evaluator commissions for international research councils and academia.

Former president in the Nutrition Commission of EAAP (


Long-term experience of teaching in nutrition at different levels and in various courses at SLU. Supervisor of a large number of M.Sc. theses and of Ph.D. theses.


On-going projects:

Title Project managers

Impact of early gut microflora colonization on foraging behaviour in pigs: Investigating the microbiota-gut-brain axis (FORMAS)

Jan Erik Lindberg

Selected publications

Jansson, A. & Lindberg, J. E., 2012. A forage-only diet alters the metabolic response of horses in training. Animal 6(12), 1939-1946.

Da, C. T., Lundh, T. & Lindberg, J. E., 2012. Evaluation of local feed resources as alternatives to fish meal in terms of growth performance, feed utilisation and biological indices in striped catfish (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus) fingerlings. Aquaculture 364-365, 150-156.

Ivarsson, E., Andersson, R. & Lindberg, J. E., 2012. Digestibility of fibre sources and molecular weight distribution of fibre fractions in ileal digesta of growing pigs. Archives of Animal Nutrition 66, 445-457.

Ngoc, T. T. B., Len, N. T. & Lindberg, J. E., 2013. Impact of fibre intake and fibre source on digestibility, gastro-intestinal tract development, mean retention time and growth performance in indigenous and exotic pigs. Animal 7(5), 736-745.

Lumu, R., Katongole, C. B., Nambi-Kasozi, J., Bareeba,F., Presto, M., Ivarsson, E. & Lindberg, J. E., 2013. Indigenous knowledge on the nutritional quality of urban and peri-urban livestock feed resources in Kampala, Uganda. Tropical Animal Health and Production 45, 1571-1578.

Lyberg, K., Borling, J. & Lindberg, J. E., 2013. Characterization and nutrient evaluation of wet and dried wheat distillers’ grain for growing pigs Animal Feed Science and Technology 186, 45-52.

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Liu, H., Dicksved, J., Lundh, T. & Lindberg, J. E., 2014. Heat shock proteins – Intestinal gatekeepers that are influenced by dietary components and the gut microbiota. Pathogens 3, 187-210 (doi: 10.3390/pathogens3010187).

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Lindberg, J. E., 2016. Feed protein needs and nutritive value of alternative feed ingredients. In: Nordic alternative protein potentials-Mapping of regional bioeconomy oppertunities, Editors: Andersen, K.K. & Tybirk, K., Norden, Nordic Council of Ministers. Pp. 19-36 (ISBN 978-92-893-4590-3).

Miech, P., Berggren, Å., Lindberg, J. E., Chhay, T., Khieu, B. & Jansson, A., 2016. Growth and survival of reared Cambodian field crickets (Teleogryllus testaceus) fed weeds, agricultural by-products and wastes. Journal of Insects as Food and Feed (doi: 10.3920/JIFF2016.0028).

Katongole, C. B., Bakeeva, A.,  Passoth, V. & Lindberg, J. E., 2017. Effect of solid-state fermentation with Arxula adeninivorans or Hypocrea jecorina (anamorph Trichoderma reesei) on hygienic quality and in-vitro digestibility of banana peels by mono-gastric animals. Livestock Science 199, 14-21.