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Javier Edo Varg

Javier Vargas


Hello! I am Javier Edo Varg but you can call me Javi or Edo or Varg, and I love microbes! @.@

If you want to know more about me and my research, you can follow me on Instagram! @Javieredovarg There you can find pictures of my fieldwork, and my day-by-day as a researcher. you can also follow #VargPhD


The interaction between the host and its associated microbiota are keystones for understanding host dimensions such as health, behavior, and evolution. Different stress factors such as the ones released by anthropogenic activity have a stunning influence on the whole microbiota in all organisms. Previous studies have demonstrated that environmental chemicals and other resources of stress can induce vast changes in the gut microbiota composition of animals as well as impact host life-history traits. The research goal of our projects is focused on understanding the effects of different stress factors in the gut microbiota of different types of model organisms. The projects also explore the secondary effects of those stress factors as an environmental pollutant and how the microbial community changes can be shared between environment-organism and trophic chains.


Javier Edo Varg completed two bachelor's degrees; in Microbiology and design at Universidad de Los Andes. At the same university, he also completed his MSc in Biological Sciences. Suddenly the world seemed small to him so he decided to travel to the very north of the world to complete his doctoral studies at Uppsala University with an interest in microbial ecology, host microbiology, biotechnology, and arctic and subarctic environments. Javier’s research has focused on host-microbiome analysis, host behavior, bioremediation, and biological control process. Now, he is working on SARS-CoV-2 wastewater surveillance.