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Johan Gaddefors

Johan Gaddefors
Professor in Business Studies focusing Entrepreneurship in Rural areas, at the Department of Economics


Johan works with research, teaching and administration. He is the coordinator for EIS, a group of about ten researchers and teachers that works with research on Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Sustainable development. Johan's research interest is currently directed towards how entrepreneurship shapes the rural and how the rural shapes entrepreneurship.


Johan has for a long time run courses in organization, leadership, marketing and scientific methods. He is currently responsible for the master's course Leadership and sustainability.


Johan currently runs the Rural Keys, a Kamprad-funded research project on how rural entrepreneurship works. In recent years, his research has been about trying to better understand how entrepreneurship is related to the context.


Johan is engaged as PhD supervisor for seven doctoral students, four of them as the main supervisor.

Selected publications

Gaddefors, J., Korsgaard, S., & Ingstrup, M. B. (2020). Regional development through entrepreneurial exaptation: Epistemological displacement, affordances, and collective agency in rural regions. Journal of Rural Studies, 74, 244-256.

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Professor at the Department of Economics; Entrepreneurship and innovation for sustainability
Telephone: 018-671789