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Josefina Jonsson

Josefina Jonsson
Josefina Jonsson is a PhD student in the research group Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Sustainability. Her main subjects are entrepreneurship and digital use in rural areas.


Josefina teaches in the courses Entrepreneurship and Business Development - Organizational Theory II, Leadership and Sustainability (master) and supervises bacehelor theses.


Josefina's research include what role digital engagements play in the process of rural entrepreneurship. By conducting a process driven case study approach empirically anchored in Bergslagen, Sweden, she want to develop the field of entrepreneurship further by examining how the use of new digital infrastructures lead to emergence of entrepreneurial practices in rural Sweden.


Josefina has previously studied business  and global environmental history. Sheholds a master's degree from Uppsala University.


Doctoral Student at the Department of Economics; Innovation and Bioeconomy