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Julien Pelletier

Julien Pelletier
Elucidating the function of mosquito olfactory proteins


I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Disease Vector group at SLU, Alnarp. I joined the team in May 2018 and I am currently working on the molecular bases of odorant reception in the malaria mosquito, Anopheles gambiae.


My research focuses on the molecular mechanisms of olfaction in mosquitoes, both from an evolutionary and functional perspectives. My main objective is to identify molecular targets (olfactory proteins) that promote important behaviors such as host seeking and host discrimination.


2004-2007: PhD from University Paris 6, France.

2008-2011: Postdoctoral researcher in the "Molecular Basis of Insect Olfaction and Chemical Ecology group" at UC Davis, USA.

2011-2013: Postdoctoral researcher in the "Disease Vector group" at SLU, Sweden.

2013-2018: Lecturer in Vector Biology, School of Life Sciences, Keele University, UK.


Non employee at the Department of Plant Protection Biology
Postal address:
Växtskyddsbiologi, Box 190
234 22 LOMMA
Visiting address: Sundsvägen 16, Alnarp