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Li-Hua Zhu

Li-Hua Zhu
I am Professor in plant breeding, specializing in plant biotechnology and have been working with a number of plant species including fruit trees, oilseed crops and cereals. I am currently leading a research group of 10 persons including researchers, postdocs, PhD students and research engineer/assistants.


I am currently the vice Program Leader for C4F (Crops for the Future, part of Trees and Crops for the Future, a strategic research area funded by the Swedish government), PI and co-PI in two projects supported by Swedish Strategic Research Foundation (SSF), and the coordinator of the research project supported by SLU Grogrund, Centre for Breeding of Food Crops, PI or co-PI on several projects supported by Swedish research foundation FORMAS.


I am currently assistant head of the department responsible for graduate education. I have been involved in teaching in plant biotechnology, plant breeding, plant physiology, plant molecular biology and responsible for a couple of courses at different levels.  


My major research interest has been using modern breeding technologies, mainly genetic engineering for improving important plant properties, such as disease or insect resistance, rooting, plant size control, oil quality and quantity and seedcake quality for food, feed and industrial applications. More recently we have shifted from using traditional genetic transformation techniques to the genome editing CRISPR/Cas9 technique with focus on oilseed crops, field cress (Lepidium campestre) and rapeseed, as well as barley. We have very recently developed relatively simple protoplast regeneration protocols for oilseed species, which would facilitate generation of mutation lines with no external DNA integration. Very recently, we have established a plant expression system using recombinant technology for producing plant-based proteins, which could be used for potential pharmaceutical, food and other applications.

Selected publications

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Zhu, L.H. and M. Welander. 2000. Adventitious shoot regeneration of two dwarfing pear rootstocks and the development of a transformation protocol. Journal of Horticultural Science and Biotechnology 75 (6): 745-752.



Professor at the Department of Plant Breeding
Telephone: +4640415373
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Visiting address: Sundsvägen 10, Alnarp